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Dare to find excitement in chaos!

If you dare to try new things in your life, to take risks, or to make significant changes, you’ll undoubtedly encounter periods of chaos at one point or another. Quitting jobs, finding new careers, moving to new cities or countries, starting businesses – all of these are great and gutsy dares, and all are great examples of dares that bring with them tons of uncertainty and chaos. What career path will I find satisfying? How will we adjust to the new city? What will life be like without a steady paycheck?

At the moment that I write this, I am considering changing careers, moving cities, and starting my own business. Let me tell you – chaos abounds! And as I was getting completely panicked the other day I stopped myself and decided that I wasn’t going to get through all of these changes if I let the chaos consume me. There was nothing I could do to eliminate it, but what I decided to do was to find parts of it that I could enjoy. Not when it’s over, not when I am settled in a new career, in a new city, or running a business. But before then, as everything seems up in the air and nothing is certain.

Dare to find excitement in chaos! Life is too short to hold your breath for long periods of it and wait until things settle down to exhale. Whatever change you are going through, whatever chaos surrounds you, find even the smallest part of it to enjoy and be excited by. You are meeting new people or visiting new places or learning new skills. That is extremely exciting and refreshing – not because it will bring you closer to your desired outcome (which would be nice, of course) – but because it is exciting and refreshing to do those things and to have those experiences in your life.

Life after chaos settles down will probably feel better than it does in the midst of it. But it doesn’t mean that you should not LIVE until then.

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