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Dare to spend five minutes being brutally honest with yourself!

I donít care if you think you are the most honest person in the entire world. Each one of us tells a lie here and there - however small it might be - and sometimes the lie we tell is to ourselves.

So this week I dare you to spend five minutes being utterly and brutally honest with yourself! To help you do it, Iíve created a simple worksheet, which you can download by clicking here.

The worksheet contains some questions to prompt you to think about various areas of your life. Print it out, find a few free minutes, and make a deal with yourself to write down the answers that are honest and that you feel genuinely express how you feel. This is your time and the worksheet is your space to un-clutter your mind, to not worry about what anyone else might think, and be HONEST.

When youíre done, take a moment to read over your answers and then rip up the worksheet and throw it away. Yes, you heard me, throw it away! The purpose of this Five Minutes of Brutal Honestly Worksheet is to allow you to be fully honest with yourself without a tinge of fear that someone might see what you wrote. Once youíre finished, itís gone, but hopefully what is left is some clarity in your mind about issues or ideas or other areas of your life which before might have been clouded in small or big lies you were telling yourself.

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