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Dare to give up something in your life!

Most mornings when I get into the office, I read a few articles from the New York Times online edition. Itís a way for me to ease into the day, to find out whatís going on in the world, and to get my brain cells moving before I dive into emails, reports, and phone calls. The other day I realized that Iíve had this morning routine for years Ė many years. And while there is comfort in it, to be honest, itís gotten a bit mundane. I thought about what my mornings would be like if I gave up the New York Times for say, a week, and read or did something entirely different?

Dare to give up something in your life this week! Maybe itís your morning paper or your afternoon coffee or your nighttime TV watching. Whatever you choose to give up, make sure that itís a regular part of your life and try to give it up for at least several days in a row. Then think about how you want to spend that time instead and make an effort to engage in a completely different activity. Instead of reading the paper in the morning go for a walk or a quick run. Substitute a fruit shake for your afternoon coffee. Use the time you used to spend watching TV to do something creative for an hour every night Ė write a poem or a short story, paint, do a craft project.

Giving up a core part of your daily routine frees you up to try something different, however small or substantial it might be. It is refreshing and necessary. In my case, Iíve decided that instead of reading the New York Times every morning, I will read a poem instead. Iím not a fan of poetry but I think itís because I rarely find time to read it. Perhaps I will like it, perhaps not, but I look forward to giving up something in my life and gaining a new experience from it.

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