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Dare to do too much of something!

Balance, balance, balance. It seems that many of us are always chasing this wonderful-yet-hard-to-achieve state in our lives. I donít think Iíve ever succeeded in finding it so I canít judge whether itís a great thing after all. But I do have an idea for a dare that I think all of us can use to shake up our lives just a bit:

This week, I dare you to do too much of something! Forget about looking for life balance Ė instead, unbalance your life as much as possible in the direction where you feel like you want to go at this moment. Eat too much! Party too much! Work too much! Go nuts with your creative hobby and spend so much doing it that you have little time left for sleep! Do something that is important or exciting or fulfilling for you at this moment and donít worry about how much time you have for other things in your life.

Of course you canít do this for a long time nor am I suggesting that you should. But I so much believe that from time to time we need to shake up our routines and unbalance our lives. If is refreshing, exciting, new and I find when I do this that I emerge from the experience with a new perspective on where I want to invest my time and energy.

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