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Dare to crumble up some excuses this week!

Letís play a little Daring Female Jeopardy. Here is your clue:

Iím way too busy.
I have no idea how to get started.
I donít have enough experience.
I donít have enough money.
Iím never good at things like this.
My friends will think I am crazy.
I donít want to be disappointed.

The answer: Excuses we use too frequently to excuse ourselves from taking risks, trying new things, chasing our life dreams, taking a chance on something unfamiliar.

We all have them and we all - including the most daring of us, Daring Females - use them from time to time. Usually, we try to make them sound more valid by adding color, such as:

"Iím a busy mom so I canít think about starting a business right now."
"I have a mortgage to pay so I canít consider a career change."
"I donít want to be rejected so I am not going to ask him out first."

Not all excuses are terrible - if you are a very busy mom and adding another to-do to your life is just going to bring you one step closer to a nervous breakdown (can you tell I am a busy mom?), then perhaps starting a business right this moment is not a good idea. But most of the time, an excuse is just a cover up for something deeper - fear of change, fear of failure, fear of disappointment. And no Daring Female shall ever live in fear!

This week, I dare you to crumble up your excuses - or at least some of them. Iíd like you to start by literally crumbling them up and Iíve included a simple worksheet you can print out to help you do this. (Click on this link to download it.) It is filled with typical excuses we use to avoid doing the daring things we should be doing and I want you to read it, add your own excuses to it, and then crumble the heck out of it! It feels really great to do something physical, even if itís a small thing like this, to exercise your Daring Female power!

Follow up the physical act of crumbling a piece of paper where your excuses are written down with something more difficult - thinking about something you want to pursue in your life, facing the excuses you are using to cover up your fears of doing it, and shoving them aside to pursue it anyway. This will not be easy. But it IS daring!

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