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Dare to explore a life detour this week!

Im a planner - I like to have a plan for what I do during the day, during the month, during the year, during...well, you get the idea. But I know that life would be so dull if everything was always planned out so from time to time, I like to take a leap and do something unexpected.

This week, I dare you to explore a life detour! Maybe youve always thought about going back to school but never got around to it. Well, take some time this week and research your options: Check out local universities and community colleges and look into online options. Browse through courses. Think about your schedule and whether this is something you can find time for right now. Or perhaps youve been slaving away in the same career field for many years and fighting the urge to try something completely different. Give this life detour serious thought this week. Evaluate your life and whether your circumstances allow you to take a risk and try something completely new. Look into possible ways to try out a new career path, attend a few networking events, find some online resources.

The key is to take some concrete steps to explore how you might take on a particular life detour. For me, a life detour I have just begun to explore is moving away from New York City to a quieter, calmer, and yes, cheaper place. If you asked me a year ago whether Id ever move away from New York, Id laugh and say definitely not. Ive lived here for years and it is, in the most genuine sense, my American home, a place where I felt I belonged for the first time since immigrating to this country. I love the energy, the people, the endless opportunities to do and see and try anything and everything. But as my husband and I begin to think about things like where our daughter would go to school and where we could (rather, could not) buy an apartment - two topics of conversation guaranteed to be covered at every get-together of New Yorkers we encounter issues and problems weve not faced before. And so weve started to talk about leaving New York, which is still just a crazy idea as far as I can tell. But thats what a true life detour is doing something you never thought you would at a time when it doesnt perfectly fit into your life plan.

Taking a life detour is a risk and not one Id suggest you take without much thought. But if you never dare to explore a life detour you might never take one, and that, I am fairly certain, is the biggest mistake you can make.

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