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Dare to stop chasing one goal this week!

I promise, I havenít lost all of my marbles - although you might think so when you see this dare. A Daring Female giving up on one of her goals? Sounds crazy, I know, but it might be one of the more daring things youíve ever done.

This dare - as many are - was inspired by an email I received from a very Daring Female the other day. She told me about her recent dare, one that took a lot of guts to take on and accomplish. Her dare was to NOT take the CPA exam for which she was preparing, well, since high school, when she decided to pursue an accounting career. She realized that this wasnít a career path she wanted to pursue and dared herself to let go of one of her long-held life goals. It wasnít easy:

"I found it really difficult to let go of the fact that I am not a licensed CPA, a goal I set for myself in high school. I just felt like a failure and felt that everyone around me will see me as so. So, I dared myself to let go. Letting go has liberated me from feelings of failure, guilt and confusion. Letting go has also allowed me to be more focused and concentrated on my true desires. And the best part, as I tell those around me that I no longer desire to pursue the exam they are happy for me! I was worried about judgment for no reason!"

This week, I dare you to stop chasing one goal! Take stock of all the things you are working to accomplish in your life: losing a few pounds, getting more responsibility at work, finding that perfect guy/apartment/friend/job, whatever it might be. Then be really honest with yourself and think about whether the things you are pursuing are things that you really want to accomplish or whether these are goals that you donít genuinely care about and achieving them wonít make you truly happier, more fulfilled, or more ecstatic. If you arenít sure, chances are, itís a goal that might be worth re-evaluating, tweaking, or possibly giving up or changing.

Itís not easy to realize that some of the goals you might be chasing are no longer important to you, but itís so much better than spending your life and precious physical and mental going after something that you wonít find satisfying once you achieve it.

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