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Dare to cook up a fabulous meal this week for absolutely no occasion at all!

I am not a great cook or a frequent cook, but I love to cook a special meal and eat it with my husband. Unfortunately, between my crazy day job, our daughter, the book, and the Daring Female community, I am cooking less these days than I ever have. But today after work, I went to a more-expensive-than-where-we-usually-shop grocery store, got some ultra fresh salmon filets, some shrimp, and a bottle of Pellegrino, and then after we put our daughter to sleep, cooked it all up - well, except the Pellegrino, that was just for the we-are-having-a-special-meal-for-no-reason-at-all purpose. We set the table, had some wine, and used our nice dishes and cutlery. It was only half an hour, but it felt like a mini vacation.

So this week, I dare you to cook up a fabulous meal for absolutely no occasion at all! Keep in mind that a fabulous meal does not equal a fancy meal or an ultra-complicated meal or a meal that takes hours and hours to prepare. (What I described above took me all of 45 minutes to put together.) All it requires is for you to cook something - so no takeout and no frozen dinners - set the table nicely, and use those fabulous dishes you usually reserve for company! And yes, no TV, but plenty of wine or candles or whatever else makes a meal feel fabulous rather than ordinary.

By the way, whether you share this meal with someone else or enjoy every succulent minute of it on your own is entirely up to you. Iíve had plenty of fabulous meals on my own and each one was a little paradise of me time!

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