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Dare to not take something for granted this week!

I think itís equally daring to want more from life as it is to appreciate the parts of your life that are already amazing. And I think that way too often we forget to do the latter. So this week, I dare you to NOT take something for granted that is already a part of your life!

Hereís how I am taking on this dare:

Every day, I walk to work through Central Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the world. (Yes, I am biased. No, you canít convince me otherwise.) Sure, I am walking to work, which fails to make me ecstatic on 364 out of 365 days of the year, but itís a beautiful walk and this week I dare to not take it for granted. I will be aware and ecstatic about it every step of the way!

Whatís something in your life that you tend to take for granted?

A wonderful husband/sister/friend/mom, who drives you nuts too often, but without whom you could not imagine your life?

A job that you tend to complain about, but one that offers you an interesting line of work, tons of flexibility, or a chance to travel the world?

Kids who drive you crazy, but who are the joy of your life?

A small business that you have created, that is an exhausting and frustrating undertaking, but that you are deeply passionate about?

The fact that something you wrote Ė a book, an article Ė is being read by people who are responding to it, regardless of whether the critics are paying attention?

Think about your daily life and find something in it that is precious to you, that you love and are truly passionate about, or just something that makes you happy, peaceful, or fulfilled, and this week, dare to truly appreciate it and not take it for granted. It might not seem daring, but it is, trust me.

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