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I hope to turn this Resources section into a powerful arsenal of tools to help all of us Daring Females become our most daring and gutsiest selves! I will be adding to it often, so please continue to check back.

If you know of a book, website, person, or anything else that your fellow Daring Females could benefit from please send me an email to natasha at and let me know!

Daring Female Quotes
Our own growing collection of Daring Female quotes!
Never Say Never
This is an activity sheet you can tackle alone or with your Daring Circle! (Click the link to view a PDF file.)
The Excuse Crumbler
I dare you to crumble your excuses! (Click the link to view a PDF file.)
7 Ways to Fail as a First Time Author
The title is self-explanatory, but check it out to avoid these pitfalls.
Getting Published
To help all of the aspiring Daring Female writers out there, I've started a blog series called Getting Published. I will post links to the blogs in the series here, in the Resources section, as I write them so you can refer to them at your own pace.
The First Step - click here
100 Dares Every Daring Female Should Attempt at Least Once in Her Life
Top 10 Signs That You Need to Spice Up Your Life
The "I Rock" Certificate
(Click the link to view a PDF file.)
Five Minutes of Brutal Honesty
(Click the link to view a PDF file.)
A wonderful and growing resource for women. Check out their monthly teleconferences with authors and experts and great teleclasses!
A growing community for women bloggers founded by true Daring Females.
A great and inspiring site that features dozens of women who run their own artistic businesses, from jewelry-making to illustration. Features interviews with each of the women, and links to their individual sites. Incredibly motivating.
If you’re a mom and a writer (or you want to be a writer), check out this supportive site.
For aspiring writers, as I know many Daring Females are, this is a great resource for finding agents, publishers, and getting the latest scoop on book deals. (I found my agent using this site!)
Read about women who founded their own companies and be inspired to follow your passion.
Another great resource for aspiring writers - John Kremer keeps an ongoing list of self-published books that become bestsellers. A great shot of inspiration that I've used often.
This site has some great resources - my favorite are the book reviews by women.
I only recently stumbled onto this site and found it to be a really interesting resource.
Artella is a great magazine and online playground with endless resources for writers, artists, and creative spirits!
100 Years of Solitude
Maybe the greatest book ever written, by one of my favorite authors. If you haven't read it, you've got to.
The House of the Spirits
I've recently discovered this author, Isabel Allende, and can't believe that it took me so long.
Living Out Loud: Activities to Fuel a Creative Life
A great book to spark your creativity.
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Milan Kundera is an author worth reading, if you haven't. A different world, a different language, a complete escape from the ordinary.
Passionate Minds - Women Rewriting the World
The writing style is a bit cumbersome, but I learned a lot about some incredible women writers in this book.
Atlas Shrugged
You can love her or hate her, but I think every Daring Female owes it to herself to read Ayn Rand just once in her life. And if you only read one book, make it this one.
Woodhull Institute
The Woodhull Institute is a not-for-profit educational organization that provides ethical leadership training and professional development for women. It's a great resource that I hope you will check out.
Dress For Success
Help other women take on their dares by donating a suit to this great organization (founded by a truly Daring Female!)
Some of the coolest stationary and cards I can find.
I like Sark's whimsical style and her creativity. Check out her many books and products.
Brazilian Duos
I saw Luciana Souza perform live and I came out breathing fuller and smiling wider. This CD is worth a listen.
Sometimes a girl just HAS to dance! I heard this CD in a store once, then spent three hours trying to remember the name of the artist and looking for it. Perferct for your gym soundtrack.
Kelly illustrated the interior of the Daring Female book and created many of the images you see on other Daring Female products. If you ever need some creative illustration help, you've got to give her a try!
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