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Make Your Own Daring Female T-shirt!

Creating your own, unique Daring Female T-shirt is easy and fun, and you can make it as wacky and crazy as you'd like. Below are very simple instructions for how to do it as well as a list of Dares that are currently available to download as iron-on images.

So, how about it? C'mon, I dare you! (Remember, you can put the Dare anywhere on the T-shirt that you like – go wild and have some fun with it!)

First Step
Pick one of the Dares below. Each one links to a PDF with that dare, printed backwards, so that when you iron it on to your T-shirt, it will come out the right way. (When you click on the Dare, the PDF will open automatically.)

Second Step
Print out the PDF with your Dare onto T-shirt transfer Paper using an ink-jet printer. You can buy this paper from most computer, camera, or office supply stores. (Here's a link to it at Office Depot to give you an idea.)

Third Step
Once you've printed the Dare out, cut it to size and iron it onto your T-shirt, sweatshirt, tank top, canvas bag, or whatever else your heart desires. Just remember to follow the directions that come with transfer paper.

Fourth Step
Be your regular Daring Female kick-ass self and wear your T-shirt with pride!

What's Your Dare?

Dare to Color Outside the Lines

Dare to Take Sides

Dare to Bite off More Than You Can Chew

Daring Female
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