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Jennifer Warwick

I founded my company, jenniferinc coaching: success coaching for gutsy women, after realizing I was one!

My breakthrough was having dinner with a dear friend who was HIV positive, shortly after losing both of my parents.  We were talking about what things we wanted to be sure we did before we died, and we both said scuba diving.

The fact that I had never learned to swim did not deter me. I took a crash course at the crack of dawn each morning before work, and was certified as an advanced open water diver within three months of my first toe on the pool. I was terrified every minute and joyful every minute.

The experience was so exhilarating, and it inspired me to create my company and help other women to take on challenges and do more with their lives. The slogan of my company is: “Get out of the box and into your life!”

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