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Jenn Satterwhite

You write a really honest blog about being a mom, a drug addict, a wife, and many other things at - why did you start blogging? And where does your brutal honesty come from?

I started blogging because, frankly, I love to write and love to tell stories. Blogging was the best of both worlds. I started my blog as a way to just record moments with my family as a virtual verbal scrapbook, but it became so much more to me! It became my outlet...for better or worse.

Where does the brutal honesty come from? Well, it's just who I am. I don't see any reason to sugar coat or to pretend to be someone I am not. Life is too short to try to hide behind a mask and be what others think you should be or want you to be. I am a (not so perfect) mom, a recovering drug addict, a wife who would make Donna Reed faint dead away. That is who I am.

Do you find that writing down your thoughts, feelings, doubts, fears, and other personal details makes you more vulnerable?

Actually, I feel that when I really do sit down and write out my thoughts, feelings etc, it makes me stronger. Claiming those feelings--both the good and the bad--makes me who I am and allow me to accept them. Making them public certainly leaves me open to someone who may want to hurt me, but so far, I have been very lucky with supportive and wonderful readers.

What 10 words would you use to describe yourself?

Thoughtful, ambitious, loyal, funny, caring, passionate, emotional, intense, competitive, and (somewhat) obsessive. (Not so sure those make me sound good. Can I just make some up? )

Why do you think so many more women and moms are blogging these days?

Honestly, we have things to say! We have had experts telling us how to parent or how to be the best woman we can be for far too long. Finally, we realize that WE are the experts on how to raise our own children. Basically, we are blogging because we are letting our voices be heard now rather than letting anyone else speak for us. (That and blogging is SO the new black!)

You co-founded Mommy Bloggers - can you tell us more about that?

At BlogHer '05, three women--Me, Jenny Lauck and Meghan Townsend--who had never met decided that we should have a panel devoted to Mommy blogging. Much had been discussed about Mommy blogging, yet we were still not taken seriously. We wanted to get the topic out in the open, dust off the issues and get the conversation started! From that one small session, an explosion of Mommy blogging issues were raised. We did not want the conversation to die down or for the Mommy bloggers out there to be pushed back to the "non-essential bloggers" category. So, we founded to focus on Moms who blog and show that there are amazing women from all walks of life who are not only incredible people, but amazing writers. I am so proud of what has done to bring mommy blogging to the front of the pack of blogging!

One piece of advice to women who are thinking of starting a blog:

Know how much you want to reveal early on. Once you say something, it is out there--good or bad--and you will own it forever.

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