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Katya Grineva

You immigrated to the US from Moscow as a teenager in 1989 - what was the most difficult part of that experience for you?

The most difficult part was to be separated from my family. I had a very protected life and spent most of my time at the piano. But in New York , I had to learn how to create and manage the business part of my life and understand that everything depends on me. But I think NY is the best place for it, because it has so much to offer and people really support you when you want to go high!

You are a classical pianist and perform at concert halls and private gatherings - what types of performances are your favorites? Is there one in particular that is most memorable?

I love to give intimate concerts in beautiful mansions or even people's homes. I also love to perform on the cruises, because I love water and traveling. But every year I look forward to this special day of performing at Carnegie hall - performing there is like a dream!

My mom is a classical pianist - we do have things in common, don't we! - and I know how hard she has to work to keep up her skills and a high level of performance. Tell me about your training, how much you practice, and what inspires you to keep working so hard.

I practice for 3-5 hours a day, sometimes more. I absolutely love it, especially when I have a new project or a new concerto to learn. What inspires me is love for music and also I want to experience my highest potential, and there is never end to it. I think life of a true artist is a very inspired life.

What is the most challenging part about being a classical pianist and a performer?

The most challenging part for me is to manage the practical aspects of life.

You have a very special performance coming up at Carnegie Hall on June 1st - would you tell us more about it?

At this concert on June 1st I'll be doing a premier performance of Marcel Tyberg's sonata. He tragically died during the war, but his music was saved and came into my hands. It's a very powerful and emotional music and I feel an honor that I was chosen to perform and record it. I hope that people will be touched by the spirit of this composer. And I will also perform beautiful peaces by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and Liszt and at the first part of the concert.

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