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Mary Spio

I was a Deep Space Scientist designing, launching and operating satellites and rocket orbits for the satellites. One of the things I worked on was the NASA Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, sending probes out into space in search of intelligent life in our universe. That's when it occurred to me: Forget communications in outer space - what about communications right here on earth? There are people out there who are not finding each other and not finding love.

So I followed my passion of writing and matchmaking and launched a national magazine for singles, called One 2 One Living. I sacrificed everything, including a stable career and respect of my family and friends. I worked 24/7, didn't have any free time or see my friends, and navigated through numerous roadblocks while having extremely limited resources. I was eating Ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but I didn't give up.

I had very little support along the way. My family was afraid that I was throwing away a good thing. Many of my friends thought I was a mad scientist who had completely lost it, and my co-workers were disappointed. Even strangers told me it couldn't be done.

I was perturbed, but not discouraged, because they said the same thing when I said I wanted to become a rocket scientist in the first place. Everyone from school counselors to priests told me I wasn't cut out for it. I ended up graduating #1 from my class of mostly men. Interestingly enough, I used the same lab station as Eileen Collins, the first Female Space Shuttle Commander, while I was in school.

Today I am living my dreams and using my passion to help others.

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