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Trina Read

You went from being a corporate executive to sex expert - tell me about this. What did you do in the corporate world? What inspired you to make such a drastic change?

At 18 I saw my very first motivational speaker and knew that was what I wanted to do. I also knew I had to get a lot of life experience behind me before anyone would take me seriously.

I have two undergraduate degrees. The first is in arts the second in business. The whole time I was at the university I thought, “Wouldn’t it be interesting to take sexuality courses to get into the field of sexuality." None were offered at my school.

I went into business because it was the “right” thing to do; more likely it was the easier way to get a good, high paying job. There is also the creative aspect of business that I truly like and am good at; unfortunately, that is only about 10% of what a 9 to 5 job entails.

I bounced around from job to job—always looking for the next pay raise or next promotion - never understanding I was running away from shear boredom.

At the age of 31 I took a dog walk with a friend and after an in-depth conversation around sex he turned to me and said, “You should give a workshop on this,” and I said, “You’re right." It was in that moment that I had my epiphany, everything clicked into place.

Yet I was miserable making lots of money. The comfort of a regular pay check and the ego of the job title stalled my moving forward with my real passion.

At 32 I was fired and at a crossroads. I’ve never looked back.

What did your family and friends think about your giving up your job to become a sex expert? Did you encounter a lot of naysayers and skeptics? How did you deal with this?

I am the first child in my entire family (father and stepmother’s side) to graduate with post-secondary education. I am the first child to break out of the blue-collar and go into the white-collar field.

There was a lot of family pressure to keep doing the “right” thing. Who would be crazy enough to give up an established career to start back at zero? My dad (bless his heart) sent me newspaper clippings of homeless people because he didn’t want me messing up a good thing.

I made a deal with my family (and myself): I would try this out for three years. If I fell on my face and failed, I would still have my education and corporate experience and could go back into the corporate world.

My personality gets fueled by nay-sayers, “Oh ya, just watch me.” (Insert appropriate hand motions here.)

What has been most challenging about what you're doing? Where do you go for inspiration and motivation to keep at it?

I fell into the trap of many entrepreneurs: I put my education and learning to be a speaker with SkillPath Seminars as a priority over my marriage.

For three years I was on the road three weeks out of every month. I was flying all over North America, Australia, New Zealand and the UK on speaking tours.

It was the life of Riley and yet my husband was all by himself. After three years and a lot of repressed anger, I had a very messy bed to lie in (please forgive the pun).

It took completely changing my life around and some serious marriage counseling to keep my number one priority: my husband. He stayed and we are once again happily married - no small feat.

Luckily, I learned that very hard lesson early on in my new career.

Where do I get my motivation/inspiration? I have a fire in my belly that I cannot explain. I wake up in the morning, “jacked up and good to go.”

I get to make a difference in this world, get paid for it and live out my dreams. What more could I ask for?

And yes, I have bad days. I make far less than money (for now at least). Yet never have I wanted to go back into high paid corporate job.

What advice would you offer to Daring Females who are considering a drastic career change?

Connect the dots, have a “Plan B," and then take the mighty leap of faith.

When a gal is serious about making a career change she needs to look back at her life and connect the dots. Serendipity or unexplainable coincidences will pop-up all over the place. I believe it is “the Universe” pushing this woman forward to her destiny.

I believe it is prudent to have alternative plans for keeping food on the table and a roof over your head. It might be as simple as, “I’m willing to wait tables to get me through.”

The hardest part is to let go of any fears of success, have faith and as well as an innate knowledge that things will work out exactly as they should; not necessarily on her time line but they will happen. It is, after all, her destiny.

Okay, I know everyone is wondering, what is your #1 sex advice for women?

Women tend to put themselves second in the bedroom for a plethora of reasons. What would it look like if the women started to see themselves as equals in the bedroom? Sex would become intimate, sensual and would have a beginning, middle and end.

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