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The Daring Female's Guide to Ecstatic Living is your trusted guide on the path to becoming a true Daring Female and living your life in the most passionate and ecstatic way you can imagine!

The book is made up of 30 fun, practical, and inspiring dares that motivate and inspire you to get the most out of everything you do. Bored at work? Dare to find what makes you ECSTATIC and do it for at least 10 minutes a day! Can't seem to get out from under the endless pile to must-dos and to-dos? Dare to do now what you could do later! Feel like time is flying by and you're not living your life to the fullest? Dare to have a Life Wish List and cross one thing off every year!

But most importantly, dare to get a copy of this book and use it as your constant reminder of the Daring Female Manifesto:

To get the most out of your life
you have to dare yourself to do it!

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The Buzz

More fabulous reviews coming soon (or at least I have my fingers crossed!)...

"If you're a frazzled female in need of a jolt, we double dog dare you to read this book."

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"The Daring Female's Guide to Ecstatic Living is the kind of book that you can open anywhere and find something inspiring, motivating and encouraging."

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Library Journal [Starred Review]
"What better way to begin the new year than to learn how to live a more rewarding and fun life. Entrepreneur/author Kogan encourages readers to break old patterns and live outside the box through 30 dares, or suggestions for living. This is an incredibly upbeat book, with great ideas for many readers."

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Armchair Interviews
"As I was reading this book I started to think of friends that I could lend it to. By the last page, I realized that I cannot lend it out--as I don't expect to ever be done reading it. I will go back and read each chapter over and over again, more slowly, more contemplatively all the while making notes. This is MY copy of The Daring Female's Guide to Ecstatic Living, and I will purchase additional copies as gifts for the other daring females in my life."

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Daring Females Speak Out

"Thank you for writing such an inspiring and soul searching book!"
- Tanya, Pennsylvania

"When I saw your book was available on the *new shelf* at my favorite library (lovely sparkly cover!), I couldn't wait to get it home. I read it over Memorial Day weekend, and before I even finished, I had written to a group of friends telling them how lovely it is! We are a group of fabulous females that met online nearly a year ago, encouraging and supporting each other to follow our dreams and goals. Forming a Daring Circle sounds like our cup of tea! (I can't wait for us to share the Life Wish List Dare!)"
- Lisa

"Thank you for your book!! Although I have not yet had a chance to complete it I'm both inspired and empowered by it. I read your blogs regularly and they really do keep me moving. Thank You!"
- Jeanette

"Let me begin this note by telling you that I TOTALLY loved your book and just had to write you to say so! What an inspiration! I have dreamed the dream of writing "the book", getting it published, and having it sold world wide for as long as I can remember and up until now have always found something else in life keeping me from doing so. Then I saw your book, bought it, and read it cover-to-cover in a week (this is huge task as I am always busy with housework and kids - so I read it in the late evenings and free minutes loved very single part of it!.) All I kept thinking was that "this was meant to be" and if your book becomes the catalyst for my works finally getting off of the ground, then I thank you in advance."
- Joanne, Calgary, Canada

"I have had aspirations of being the CEO of my own company for years. When I quit my job 3 years ago to raise my babies, I thought the lack of time and income would kill that dream. I have been encouraged by your site to plod through years of self doubt and excuses (I'm too busy, too fat, not in the right place, etc.) and go for the goal. I will set up a meeting with a major vendor for April."
- Sheila, Upstate NY

"I purchased your book last week while at Barnes and Noble. I finished it in 2 days and then I read the good parts again....meaning that I read the WHOLE thing again. I ran out and purchased one of those little moleskin journals and I've already filled one half way with all of my Dares. Thanks for inspiring me to pursue my dreams!"
- Camille, Tampa, FL

"Thank you! Thank you for the book, and for the amazing and incredible website that will help so many women."
- Joey, Allen, TX

"I can't put your book down and I hope that there will be more to come. I love your view on business, life, and everything else that life may throw at us. You inspire me in such a way that I don't ever want to give up on myself or the people in my life."
- Yolanda, Long Island, NY

"I am enjoying the book, and really have taken in the idea of doing those simple things that scare me...daring myself. Thanks for writing it."
- Kryss, Long Beach, CA

Have you read the book? I'd love to hear what you thought about it, what dares you took on, and how they made your life more ecstatic. Please send me an email to natasha at

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