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There's nothing like a few of your closest friends, fellow reading group buddies, or trusted colleagues to help you find your inner Daring Female. So here's an idea: Grab a few of them and create your own Daring Circle. Agree to meet on a regular basis – how about after watching your favorite show on Sunday night? – and spend the time talking about the dares you are taking on, supporting each other, offering ideas, encouragement, and space to just vent.

I will create and post here fun and useful Daring Circle activities and downloads to help you strengthen your Circle and your Daring Female attitude, so please check back often. As a starting point, here’s something you might want to do during the first meeting of your Daring Circle:

Getting Your Daring Circle Going

The first thing is to think about other Daring Females you want to invite to your Daring Circle – friends, colleagues, book club members, neighbors, take your pick. My suggestion is to keep the group small to start, 5-10 people maximum.

Next, set a time and a place for your first Daring Circle meeting and splurge on some fun food and drinks – it’s a great way to encourage a relaxed and energized atmosphere.

You can call up your Daring Female friends to invite them to your Daring Circle or you can send a Dare to each of them as an invitation. It’s a fun way to get in the daring spirit – click here for an easy form that will let you do this.

Once everyone is gathered for your first Daring Circle meeting you can kick it off by inviting them to sit around in a circle (or as close to it as possible). Perhaps you’ll want to talk for a few minutes about why you wanted to start this Daring Circle and what you think the group can get out of it. Here’s a little flyer you can print out and give to your Daring Circle members as an introduction.

Remember that your first Daring Circle is just a way to get the group started, so it should be relaxed, informal, and a chance for everyone to share what they want to do with it, where they want to take it, and how you might want to organize it. Some questions to consider:

-How often will you meet and where?

-How long will you meet for?

-Are there other Daring Females you want to invite to join you?

Once you cover the logistics, I think you should dive right in and do your first Daring Circle exercise. (Click on this link to view and print out a short worksheet to help you).

I'd really like to see some Daring Circles start popping up in as many places as possible and I'd like to encourage you to get them going with some FREE books. If you form a Daring Female Circle and tell me about it, I'll send you and your fellow Daring Females a signed copy of The Daring Female's Guide to Ecstatic Living! I will also feature you on this page for all other Daring Females to be inspired by!

So c'mon, how about calling up a few of your girlfriends this weekend?

*Daring Circle Activities and Downloads*

-Introductory Flyer (click link to access PDF file)

-First Meeting Worksheet (click link to access PDF file)

-Never Say Never activity sheet (click link to access PDF file)


  Daring Female Circle #1

My 2 friends and I have created our own daring circle. Recently we've been reflecting on all the negative in our lives (family loss, heartbreak, jobs, moving) and in some way still sulking over it all. Well, we decided enough!! We are young, fabulous females and we affirmed to one another that we are going to make the most of our lives! Friday nights are our nights to get together and have fun-whatever it may be. With summer a few months away we've planned mini vacations together to places we've always wanted to go. We also committed to making some major but positive changes in our lives (career changes, starting a business, dating) and we are 100% supportive and encouraging of one another. Instead of fearing the future and telling each other "I wish..." we are looking forward to it and telling each other "I will...". We are beyond excited to see what the coming months will bring.


  Daring Female Circle #2

I have a group of weight watchers friends that have formed and become so much more. We challenge, we encourage, we support. We live across country and yet we are VERY interconnected and "speak" every day. We share photos, we speak on the phone, we IM. We do it all only on our computers! In fact, when I welcome new members to our group I always tell them "Welcome to your 24/7 WW Cyber Support Group". We're living BIG and LARGE (in more ways than one) and would make a GREAT Daring Female group. Our motto is Hot Chicks in 2006.


  Daring Female Circle #3

Some neighbors and I get together every Sunday and cook for each other and watch our shows (Desperate Housewives & Grey's Anatomy) Since last night was the season finale, we were talking about what to do with our Sundays- especially since we didn't want to stop our get togethers and opportunities to cook new foods. We talked about making a list of things we want to do and checking on each other every week. This morning as I was looking through a stack of old magazines, I came across your website. It fit perfectly with what we had talked about last night. So, I emailed my friends to see if they were interested in this and they are!! We are having our first official "Daring Female" meeting this Sunday.


  Daring Female Circle #4

I have to tell've inspired me!! I am going to be calling some of my friends and have them come over for a Daring Female night - which hopefully will turn into a great book club for women that will be empowering and fullfilling, and if nothing else...a night AWAY from our kids! I'm calling my friends right now!


  Daring Female Circle #5

I started a New Moon Circle several years ago as a monthly event (on the new moon, natch) to bring women together for a little fun, community, and support, with a dash of magick thrown in. We use the evening to do a guided meditation and do a "check-in." Then it's outside to the medicine wheel with our candles to manifest our intentions for the coming month. THEN we party! The topic of our next evening is Daring Females!


  Daring Female Circle #6

We've set up a Daring Circle! We have agreed to take on the challenge, and live life in a more daring and fulfilling way. Our group consists of creative spirits (writing, painting, crafting), most of us moms, all of us rape/abuse survivors. We've faced difficult situations in our lives, and were lucky enough to find each other and help each other move forward. In moving forward, we want to achieve our dreams. It's not just about talking anymore, it's about moving ourselves past our comfort zone and keeping on going! We meet once a month, not only to share on our months successes, but now also to challenge each other with a dare.


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