Where has Daring Female gone?
I suck! I can't believe I just went one day and stopped posting here. To anyone who has come and wondered what might have caused this, firstly, I apologize. That's now way to stop a blog.

What has caused this is a complete life change.

I quit my high-paying secure gig that I could not stand.
We moved to a different city with my husband and daughter.
And I started my very own company called Work It, Mom!

None of this is an excuse, of course, for not letting my fellow Daring Females know about the many changes and the likelihood that I will not be able to post regularly, and for that I apologize.

I do hope that you will go over and check out Work It, Mom! It's a community and resource for working moms which I felt was missing and I had to start. It's my first venture as a full-time entrepreneur - no safety net of any kind - so I hope you will go over and share some support there. Even if you're not a mom, it's a cool place to visit.

Thank you all for being part of Daring Female. While I don't think I have the time to keep up this blog the book and the dares and the dare collage do live on and I hope you will continue to make them part of your life!

Remember: Always keep DARING!

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  FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 2007
Need more hours in a day!
I really hate that I have not had any time to write in this blog. It makes me both sad and mad at myself because the inspiration behind creating this site and writing the Daring Female book is still alive and kicking in me. Probably more now than ever as I embark on my adventure of starting my own company and giving up the security of a well-paid but miserable job.

The new venture is extremely exciting, but it is also entirely time-consuming and is taking up all my available energy outside of being a mom. And so I've had to follow my own advice and prioritize, which has meant not writing in this blog. But just because I prioritized and rationalized, does not mean that I am happy about it.

I hope that you are getting an inspiring kick in the butt to pursue your dares by browsing through the Dare Collage and (fingers crossed!) reading the book. I also hope that once things stabilize a bit that I will begin to post on this blog more frequently, including updates on living my new life as a full-time-no-safety-net entrepreneur.

And I've got to tell you - these days I am truly living what I am preaching:

To get the most out of your life, you have to dare yourself to do it!

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  MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2006
My brain hurts. Almost literally.

For the past several weeks, I've been hard at work on my new business venture. I am at the start line of a really long marathon - I have an idea and I am beginning to really dig into it, spec it out, work through how it would actually come to life.

There are two main groups of feelings I experience as I go through this daring exercise:

"Wow, it is so exciting to be creating something from scratch! I think what I am working on is really valuable and needed!"

"Holy crap! I am totally freaked out about creating something from scratch - what if no one will care, what if there will be tons of competition, what if I won't be able to make this product unique enough...!"

Having been an entrepreneur and having worked with entrepreneurs for many years, I know that both of those types of emotions are part of what you go through when you set out to create something new. Both are necessary. The first is your energy, your fire, your fuel for those late nights you are staying up to work on your creating. The second is your critic, your smart friend who makes you evaluate what you are doing with a more independent eye, making sure that you are creating something truly unique and exciting.

But what I've realized lately is that it is all too possible to become consumed by those types of What If? thoughts and for them to actually hurt your creativity, your drive, and your passion for what you are doing.

Be your own toughest critic, but be constructive and positive about the criticism. Focus in on an issue, think about it, come up with a strategy, and move on. Overthinking a new venture, a new book, a new life detour, a new dare of any kind won't make you more successful at it - quite the opposite.

I am hoping to learn my own lesson and will let you know how I do!

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  MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2006
More dares added to the Dare Collage
Each time I get an email with a new dare in it, I get so excited just to open it - I know something inspiring, encouraging, empowering, and amazing is inside!

We added a bunch more dares to the Dare Collage this week - check it out!

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Being friends with Arianna Huffington
I don't know Arianna Huffington personally and have never read her blog, but I saw an interview with her the other day and now I think I should call her up and invite her for lunch. She and I can be friends. Not because we are both glamorous and famous - her specialties - but because both of us believe that women should be more fearless (her word) and daring (mine, as you know).

Check out her new book, On Becoming Fearless. I am not saying you should buy it - I have not read it, so can't recommend it - but you should go to the bookstore and flip through it. I am doing this today. If it kicks me in the butt and inspires me, it's mine. I certainly liked what I heard when she spoke about it.

Speaking of being fearless, I think it's a good idea to always have a few things going on that you are being daring or fearless about. As usual, in the interest of practicing what I preach, here is mine:

  • Moving to a new city (end of spring)
  • Starting a company (in progress)
  • Quitting my well-paying, stable job that contributes 2/3 of our family's income so that I can work full time on my own business (soon and this is truly scary!)

What's on your list?

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Daring Females in Business
Yes, I know my blog posts are far and few between lately. My bad. I am hard at work on my new venture (a real business for which I plan to quit my job - AHH!), and between that, my still-here-for-now day job, and my family, I hardly have time to take a shower.


When something interesting comes along, I can't help but let all of you Daring Females out there know about it.

Check out this list of 50 Most Powerful Women in Business, from Fortune.com. Here are some women with some really big jobs. It's fun to look through and see what they are doing (and yes, the insane amounts of money they are making.)

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Daring Female Update
I love getting emails like this:

"Well, things have been BOOMING since I was a Daring Female! In December 2005, Kensington bought my novel, HELL'S BELLES, in a three-book deal. The book hits the shelves on January 2, 2007 (available for pre-order now on Amazon). HELL'S BELLES is a humorous paranormal romance about a succubus who runs away from Hell, hides on Earth as an exotic dancer, and learns the hard way about true love. The second in the series, THE ROAD TO HELL, is waiting to go to my editor once he's not swamped. I'm currently working on two more

Wow, congrats Jackie.

To see Jackie's Daring Female profile, click here.

To visit her site, go to www.jackiekessler.com.

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