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Dare to find excitement in chaos!
If you dare to try new things in your life, to take risks, or to make significant changes, youíll undoubtedly encounter periods of chaos at one point or another. Quitting jobs, finding new careers, moving to new cities or countries, starting businesses...

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Dare to spend five minutes being brutally honest with yourself!
I donít care if you think you are the most honest person in the entire world. Each one of us tells a lie here and there - however small it might be - and sometimes the lie we tell is to ourselves...

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Dare to give up something in your life!
Most mornings when I get into the office, I read a few articles from the New York Times online edition. Itís a way for me to ease into the day, to find out whatís going on in the world, and to get my brain cells moving before I dive into emails, reports, and phone calls. The other day I realized that Iíve had this morning routine for years Ė many years...

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Dare to like your dislikes!
Wow, you are thinking, sheís really lost it now. What a strange dare! But give me a minute and I think it will make sense...

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